Patricia Sanchíz began his career as interior designer in 1992. She began working with one of the most prestigious interior designers in Europe and then opened her own studio two years later. Her studio quickly became one of the most recognized and successful interior designer studios in Spain soon later gaining notoriety in the rest of the Continent. Her vision of space and light, deep knowledge of materials, seek for perfection, thoroughness to detail and the highest quality in all her projects have characterized throughout her career and promoted as one of the most prominent interior designers in the highest standing and luxe sector.

Patricia has worked for different types of clients from diverse sectors, to name a few: has worked for the firm Maison Chanel Paris, bankers, professional elite athletes, influential personalities from the world of business and politics and European aristocrats including the Palace of HM the King Felipe VI of Spain in La Zarzuela, Madrid.

Throughout her career, Patricia has acquired a successful multicultural experience, initiating her studies in Paris and running projects in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Seville) and abroad (Paris, London, New York, Miami, Switzerland, Moscow, Hong Kong and Dubai, among others). Currently she has ongoing projects in Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca, Ibiza, London and New York.

Unlike most interior designers, Patricia carries out its work and has excelled in multiple styles, without falling into the redundancy of a specific one, thanks to its focus on the highest standards and strong multicultural influence.

In achieving the highest standards, Patricia undertakes an exhaustive study of both, the architectural space to renew, and the needs, tastes and preferences of the client, so it develops a high quality project customized to each client.

Each project may consist in the distribution of spaces providing the required identity and design of all the architectural and decorative elements, including furniture, to the last detail.

Her intention is to create exclusive and elegant environments that define the personality of her client not leaving a designers mark and delivering a precise and well executed work.

Her high creativity and passion for all artistic disciplines, from visual to performing arts, literature and music, allow her to make unique projects within the highest level sector. Patricia uses the best and most innovative materials combining hardwood, marble, straw marquetry, mosaics, lacquer with inlaid eggshell, shagreen, resins with multiple inlaids such as pepper, gems, bronzes etc., using the best artisans from different countries, because quality it is what characterizes her work.